The new autumn-winter 2019-2020 collection is titled “LIFE IS A COLLAGE”: the line of thought that inspires it is based on the concept of collage, as a spirit of union between different and contrasting themes.

Graphics with texts of sculptures mixed with animalistic faces and classic paintings, superimposed on post-modern photographs.

Real compositions of scotch strips with hand lettering, which reproduce the symbol of the brand and individual details.

The theoretical-creative ideal comes to fruition with the creation of garments with a deconstructed mood: asymmetrical cuts recomposed thanks to pieces of scotch tape, in a purpose of continuity between fabrics of different colors. Handmade and hyper realistic details enrich the garments leading to sartorial excellence.

“Life is a collage” is not only a collection but it is also a way of living and seeing the world from another perspective.


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