Diego Venturino was born in 1991 and since an early age he revealed great passion for modern art and sculpture, combined with a constant and important research work.

In the year 2012 he founded the clothing brand DIEGO VENTURINO, with the firm intention to apply art – reappraised according to his own creativity – to exclusively “Made in Italy” clothes.

In that period he was invited to take part at Fashion Week in Paris, Vancouver and Milan.

He captured the attention of magazines like Vogue UK, Glamour, Elle, Metro. Furthermore he established collaboration with Italian TV shows and with pop artists and Djs.

At the same time he decided to widen his creative line and his street- art by combining some parts of real art- work to his set of clothes.

By so doing he managed to fulfill his concept of art linked to the fashion world.

By creating an art work for exposition, i give life to a clothing wear article.
(Diego Venturino)


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