The new MEN spring-summer 2020 collection is titled “ANCIENT MODERNITY”: the line of thought that inspires it is based on the concept of the contrasts of life and a real ancient modernity that is increasingly inspired by the past to look to the future.

Phrases and concepts written entirely by hand thanks to the use of spray cans. Collages made from the use of “fragile” scotch tape, normally used for packing packages, which symbolizes the fragility of the human soul. Graphics that want to represent fashion posters for advertising campaigns with satirical and artistic contrasts and as many graphics with thoughts and themes ranging from historical to contemporary.

The theoretical-creative ideal comes to fruition with the creation of garments with an unstructured mood: asymmetrical cuts recomposed thanks to pieces of scotch tape, with a view to continuity between fabrics of different colors. Handmade and hyper realistic details enrich the garments leading to a tailored and totally Made in Italy excellence.

“Ancient Modernity” is an ideal of life, but also a collection that gives life to unique looks of their kind and style.


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