The new spring-summer 2019 collection is titled “THINK ARTISTICALLY”: the line of thought that inspires it is based on the concept of the most complete artistic thought within each of us.

We find graphics related to the concept of collage-art and surrealist digital-art. Artistic Polaroids recreated thanks to the use of historical photos of very influential artists in the field of pop art and contemporary art. Frescoed chests of drawers with a Baroque taste to enrich the items with historicity and authenticity. There are more urban looks thanks to the use of the sweatshirt, but also looks with limited pieces thanks to the use of denim.

The theoretical-creative ideal is realized with the creation of modern garments thanks to cuts, applications and writing with permanent brush / markers. All this creates a unique concept of its kind with the addition of a totally Made in Italy tailoring.

“Think Artistically” is an ideal of life, but also a collection that gives life to unique looks of their kind and style.


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