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What is Artees? Art to wear

I’d like to launch the Artees website’s blog by taking a look at the incredible progress that this project has achieved in such a short time. Next June, Artees will be 5 years old, and it will be an opportunity to celebrate the great success of my creations: unique artistic t-shirts, 100% Made in Italy.

I am Diego Venturino, and I want to tell you what Artees is for me.

Art to wear.

My creations are inspired by great artists. You never know exactly what brings you to stand in front of a painting, but what is certain is that the experience is always unique and full of emotion. I try to transmit this power in all of my creations, so that, when an Artees t-shirt is worn, all of the character of the style that I imagined will emerge.

Warhol, Pollock, Banksy, but also the geniuses who revolutionized the history of art (such as Michelangelo), provide imagery for Artees clothing.

Entering Artees has never been easier.

The new website has a space dedicated to my personal art gallery, a collection that is constantly updated with my works and whose preparation I love to share on Facebook and Instagram. In addition, I decided to expand the e-shop space to guarantee that everyone can quickly and securely buy Artees clothing.

Artistic t-shirts with unique design, plus shoes, pants, and sweatshirts. All Artees products for men and women have an original spark of fashion and are easy to wear and very comfortable.

Urban art and contamination.

Art is a concept that evolves very quickly. When cities turned into open-air galleries, they generated an incredible contamination of radically different styles and techniques. What I wanted to capture was this wild mix of different and almost irreconcilable genres, a merger of old and new. The feedback I got from the public, which began searching for collections signed Diego Venturino, proved that I was right.

Looking for new ideas.

Stimulating people to get closer to culture, especially in a country overflowing with great works of art, is another cornerstone of Artees collections.

When I imagine a new Artees collection, I get new ideas by looking around and seeing the exhibits that open from month to month here in Bologna. Every event is an inspiration.

After I see the “Banksy & co.” show, I’ll soon go to Rome to see the one entitled “Banksy war, capitalism and liberty.”

That’s all for now. If you want to keep up to date, follow me on Artees Wear’s social media channels and in this blog. You’ll find the latest products, my works in progress, and lots of other creative goodies.

Artistically yours,


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