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Drip Painting and Action Painting

I’ve always been drawn to various painting techniques, but never as the drip painting and action painting.

These two art forms are part of modern and contemporary, and they manage to capture the attention of all, thanks to the use of multiple different colors with each other; transmit a force, a visual impact and unique aesthetic of their kind, for me is the pure and free power of art.

The main precursor of this avant-garde art is surely the American Jackson Pollock, with his many sketches and strokes of pure color, filling the canvases of his paintings also large. In the picture, however, I’m admiring and studying the Japanese artist Shozo Shimamoto framework, which has renewed even more the technique of drip / action painting.

In fact, the latter filled with color glass bottles and throw with force and breaking them against the canvas of his paintings; by doing this it was created a veritable explosion of color and of matter and the shattered glass was not removed, but well yes was left in the same position as when it was created a three-dimensional exploded so in the work itself. Beyond that cut and pierced the canvas, so searching for a more and more wild new two-dimensionality.

Personally I am very fascinated by these artists and by this artistic genre and always try to learn something new for my clothing brand and my paintings, drawing inspiration from the masters who worked prior; In fact, the jacket that you see in the picture is the result of all this, and will be one piece of the new collection Artees 2017, in which there will also be T-shirts and sweatshirts that will follow this kind of artistic thought.

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