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Diego Venturino was born in 1991 and since the early years he has shown great interest in art and design. Also in the field of school is very related to the graphic and artistic side, in fact, he graduated at the State Art Institute of Bologna and then attended at the University of Ravenna a branch of laboratory restoration.

In 2012, after a long work that has as its core the passion for design, art and graphics, the founding of the DIEGO VENTURINO fashion brand streetwear brand, in which he wants to meld the art revisited according to his creativity, with the strictly Made in Italy clothing.

The line of thought follows artistry, as in Italy there are over 80% of works of art in the world but, in spite of this, this sector is unpublished and treated, especially in the fashion world of streetwear.

The yarn, the products and the graphics are entirely handmade in Italy, guaranteeing a 100% handmade and 100% Made in Italy product.

“By creating an art work for exposition I give life to a clothing wear article”.
Diego Venturino


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